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  • Is the XD lip as per the original?

  Essentially yes, although it is greatly enhanced and a huge improvement on      the original in terms of material, the stud thickness, and the diameter and              surface area of the fixings. 

  • Is the XD lip flexible? 

  Yes it is. With a hardened formula far superior to the original material. 

  • Are any fixings needed to instal the XD lip? 

  No. The XD lip comes as a totally complete kit ready to be installed. 

  • How is the XD lip to be installed? 

  The best way to instal the XD lip is to remove the bumper, although it can be      installed with the vehicle raised such as a hoist.  

  If your vehicle previously had an original lip fitted, you simply need to make        the existing holes larger by drilling. Slightly larger than the new studs to allow    movement and adjustment of the lip but not larger than the built in washers.

 If your vehicle has never had a lip fitted, remove the support brackets from the lip (remember to take a picture of how the brackets are orientated). Place the new lip over the bottom of the spoiler in the desired position. The best position is to line up the end tips with the spoiler but also to push the top lip face against the spoiler to close any gap. Then mark the hole positions with a    marker and remove the lip. Use a drill bit to drill holes. Replace the support        brackets and then fit the lip with the washer and nuts provided. 




  • Is the XE front lip as per the original?

    Yes it is a 100% replica of the original product, moulded from the original item for a perfect fit to any original XE bumper/spoiler.

  • Is the front XE lip flexible?

    It certainly is. Made of the original rubber nylon material, it would be even more flexible than the original as the material has improved since decades later.

  • How is the XE lip fixed to the bumper?

    We recommend using 16 x M6/25mm tek screws (roofing screws) for a good fit, however you are free to use other fixings if you desire. To avoid existing holes in old bumpers, no screw positions have been marked, however the new lip can be screwed at any position.




  • Will the chrome retainer clips fit to any of the XD/XE chrome/black trims?

    Yes, they will slid through and retain all original trims/mouldings. They will slide along the moulds much easier than the original clips, as these are made using an improved material and will not be brittle as they have been designed and researched for a perfect application. (remember to not over tighten)




  • Can I save on postage by buying more than one Clip product?

    YES. If you purchase multiple clip products, you pay only one postage fee.
  • If I purchase a lip, will I pay additional postage if I add clips to my cart? NO. If you purchase a Lip, you will pay shipping for the lip only. Any other clips or small items can be placed into the lip package with no additional postage for the clips. So you only pay for the clips and the lip and lip postage.
  • New Zealand customers are free to purchase with competitive postage.